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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In Grade Two/Three Tulloch we are working hard to develop a climate of respect between all members of our community of learners. We have been spending a lot of time practicing respectful behaviour and discussing the implications of disrespect. As a class, we have agreed upon a set of rules that we all will follow. The 4 rules that we have agreed upon that are most important for us to have a classroom where we can concentrate on learning and not on controlling negative behaviour are as follows:

  • We will raise our hands and wait quietly for our turn to talk.
  • We will walk in the classroom and halls.
  • We will be polite and show respect.
  • We will use our hands for helping and our feet for walking.

The consequences of not following these rules or any of the rules in our Code of Conduct are:

  • A reminder from the teacher.
  • A Tulloch money fine.
  • A time out or detention at recess or lunch.
  • A time out at the office.
  • A loss of a priviledge.
  • A note or phone call home.
  • A suspension from school.

Please take some time to review the Code of Conduct and Expected Student Behaviour Chart with your child that are found in the student handbook in the front of the Sycamore Student Agenda.

As always, thanks for your ongoing support.