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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newsletter: September 16, 2010

Our First Full Week of School

We are getting nicely settled into our school routines with each day and our classroom has quickly become an inviting and warm setting for learning and growing together. I hope to meet each of you soon at the upcoming curriculum night on October ?? and have enjoyed speaking with many of you by phone or in the halls already. Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment, I will not be able to attend the Ice Cream Social tonight. If you would like to meet with me before the scheduled Curriculum Night, please feel free to drop me a note or call and leave a message at the office at 464-2488. I believe that the best possible education is built upon consistent communication between school, home, and student.

Each school year brings more expectations and challenges. Grade five is no exception and I will be looking forward to fostering and encouraging responsibility, independence, good decision making and self-control, along with developing your child’s academics. Not only are the students continuing to develop proper work habits, but they will be acquiring stronger homework and study skills for their future. I am asking for your assistance in helping your child be properly prepared for school. For example, helping them stay organized, ensuring homework/projects are complete, or even arriving with proper physical education clothes are just a few of the areas where the students may need guidance or reminders. Homework will be minimal and will primarily consist of daily Home Reading, however, work not completed in class (where adequate time was given to complete the assignment) will be sent home to be completed and is expected to be returned to school the next day, completed. Students who do not return work sent home complete, will be expected to stay inside at recess or lunch to complete the assigned work.

I am requesting that cell phones and other electronic devices such as toys, collector items, or anything of value to the students please stay at home. This will avoid distractions, as well as, leave no chance for these items to go missing or be broken. If these items create a problem they will be kept until June unless a signed note or phone call is received from you. Let’s instill that school is learning time and not play or free time.

If there are any questions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to write me a note or contact the school. Please sign below and return the bottom of this note to inform that you have read this letter.
Thank you,
Mrs. Tulloch
I have read the Tulloch Times Issue 2, Volume 3 Newsletter dated September 16/10
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