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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Responses

Today when you are working on your responses, please remember to use paragraphing when you write. Each parahraph should be indented from the margin and have three or more sentences that are connected to one idea.
I would like to see evidence of metacognition in your writing where you show that you are thinking about the text when you read. Please include details from the text to support your wonder questions and make predictions. When you ask a wonder question, please include in your response why you have that wonder question and why you feel it is an important thing to be wondering while you read. Good responses will go beyond simply stating the wonder question.
For example, I am reading the Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I am wondering how the author will be able to bring the story to an ending with just 50 pages left to go. I feel so connected to the main characters in the story and I wonder if the author will end the series on a happy note. I find it very unsettling to have a book come to an end where the main character does not live happily ever after. I'm tempted to skip ahead and read the last page but I'm working hard to resist that temptation. A good book is like a good cookie, I never want to be finished!