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Monday, November 29, 2010

Writer's Workshop Using our Senses

Challenge: Describe The Mall During Holiday Shopping using the Sense of Smell

I walk in the main entrance for MicMacMall right by Winner's Home Sense. As soon as I walk in the door the heavenly sweet, cinnamon sugar from Cinnabon greets me and invites me to come and take a taste of her alluring buns. I resist her call and instead venture into Winners where all the new clothes call me with their fresh scent, right out of the washing machine and dryer cleanliness. Before I make it to the women's dress racks, the pine needles from the holiday decorations stop me in my tracks. I close my eyes and imagine that I am in a tree lot picking out my Christmas tree with Keigan and Rowan. I can smell the cool, winter air as I close my eyes.

This is an example of how we can use the sense of smell to make our writing more interesting to read. Our senses add rich details to our writing.