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Friday, April 29, 2011

Today I Will be Still Like a Mountain

Today we will focus on being still like a mountain, by keeping still and not fidgeting around. This is an important part of active listening. We may have to work on this during recess if we are indoors and have extra energy to burn off. During our Martin Luther King Assembly we will have a great opportunity to spread this quality to other students at John MacNeil.

It can be especially difficult to be still like a mountain when you are frustrated because you don't understand a concept that has been introduced. Remember, if you don't understand something you need to be honest like a mirror and let somebody who can help you know that you are struggling. When one person is distracted, it can be difficult for people around them to concentrate on their work. It can be very conflicting when you are trying to be still like a mountain and your friend is trying to get your attention, which takes away from your ability to concentrate on your work.