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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today we will be gentle with our friends ... physically and emotionally.

Our daily living values reflection point chosen by Jonhas today is to be gentle. We will be gentle both physically and emotionally at school today by keeping our hands and feet quiet. If we have extra energy in our bodies as a result of the many days of rain and indoor recesses we will save it for our gym class right before lunch. If we feel that we simply have too much energy to sit still and get our work done we can ask to take a break. When we take a break we can walk down the hall to cool off and then get ourselves ready to return to the classroom to work.

Emotionally we can be gentle by looking at our classmates body language before we interact with them. When we notice that someone doesn't look well we have to adjust our interactions with them accordingly. Sometimes when people aren't feeling well they need more space or less criticism.