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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Any guesses on what this program does?  Have a look and e-mail me your guesses!

The Canadian Girls from the small town of Bedford, Nova Scotia ruled the computer lab today with our problem solving skills and programming speed, coming in ahead of all other teams in two challenges. At one point, we even had the instructor scratching his head!

The building is crawling with secret service agents as Carnegie Mellon prepares for the President's visit on Friday. Read more about why he is visiting the campus by following this link

Rumour has it that Michelle Obama likes the pancakes at Pamela's Kitchen, which is just around the block from where we are staying in Shadyside. She has been known to 'disappear' from her husband's public speaking events to sneak away for a quick bite. If we can't meet the big man himself, maybe we'll get to see the first lady...alas, wishful thinking.

Today we were interviewed by a university student about a program that he is working on that sounds just lime your virtual teacher at Khan Academy. Sadly he didn't seem to realize that the product he was developing, an intuitive tutor which track student progress, was already available.