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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today we will be quiet like AIR...

Today Haris has selected our daily living values reflection point.  First of all, we recognize that air is not always quiet.  Air can be noisy when wind whistles through trees, branches, leaves, and other objects just like when we make noise while we are working at school.  It is impossible for us to be completely quiet.  We can, however, be quiet like the air on sunny days.  If we look to the Greek qualities and origins of air, we know that air is masculine, active, communicative, intellectual, and abstract.  When a teacher is teaching a lesson we can be quiet like the air, but still actively listening.  When we want to talk with a friend who is already engaged in a conversation, we can be quiet like the air and wait patiently for a turn to communicate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings.  Greek Origins and Qualities of Air