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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Digital Storytelling

"The truth about stories is that's all we are." - Thomas King

Some perspective on the new media of storytelling.

The greatest digital divide is between those who can read and write with media, and those who can't. - Elizabeth Daly

When data is ubiquitously accessible, facts are increasinging less important than the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact. -- Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

You can search and download editable clips on DE that you can then download and compile into your own videos.

We need to change the nature of what we think of a stories.

Dan Myer - uses media to learn and understand math.
Check out his 2009 Annual Report

Explanations as Stories - example given is daylight savings

Can you tell a story in one second? Contest to create a story with a series of one second videos? Try to create this in your own home. It is not a technical skill but the skill of being able to tell a good story and thinking about the images required to tell that story.

How typography and font ae integral to your story? How do they help with pacing and emotion of the story. Kinetic typography

Illuminated Text - Free photo editor without any login required
Check out this video on YouTube for an ipiccy tutorial:

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