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Monday, March 26, 2012

Outstanding Work for Term 2

As of March 25th, 2012 the following students have not completed and hadned in the follwing outstanding work:

January Reading Log:
Adam G

February Reading Log:

Adam G., Amr, Borna, James, Jocelyn, Nick

Unplugged Challenge Reflection:
Adam G., Gen, James, Katherine,Ronan

Under the Rug 2nd Draft:
Ellen, Gen, Jocelyn

Perspective Drawing:
Adam G., Amr, Gen, James, Jocelyn, Salma, Zaina

Smartie Mean, Median &Mode:
Adam G., Amr, Jocelyn, James

Math Page 152:Questions 1-5:
Amr, Borna, Gen, Jayden, Jocelyn, Madi

Love is Being a Trustworthy Friend--Thoughful Thursday Reflection:
Adam G., Amr

Science--Vertabrate or Invertabrate Classification:
Adam G., Amr, Borna, James, Jocelyn, Jonathan, Rola, Ronan, Salma, Zaina

Math -- Page 366-367:
Adam G, Amr, Andrew, Borna, Jocelyn, James, Madi, Monique, Rebecca,Rola, Zaina