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Friday, May 11, 2012


Remember to integrate a variety of genres in your writing instruction so as to develop well-rounded and cross-curricular writers. Instructional writing is very important.

Balanced Literacy - Shared, modeled, collaborative --> gradual release of responsibility.

Being able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing is such an important skill for students to develop - particularly for STEM careers.

[ Post graphic organizers to shared drive. Knowing which graphic organizers students were using last year will be a good starting point for September. Check under Lorna and Nancy under assessment. ]

We have received an extra .5 alottment for Learning Center which will be combined with our .5 resource position for a full-time position next year. Despite the cutbacks that are effecting our board, this is really encouraging news for Bedford South School.

Make a direction sheet for using Moodle. Do staff remember that they can refer back to the video? Make sure that the meeting notes are visable for all staff. E-mail Mario to ge this fixed!!

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