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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


➡Learning environments everywhere are becoming more flexible, collaborative, engaging, personalized and measurable.

➡Students sitting in pods within classrooms with multiple displays available. Students sitting in groups with kidney shaped desks.

➡2 whiteboards in every classroom is the new standard.

➡Smart sync so that you can see what each student is doing in their classroom. SMART notebook express for we enabled devices - not available for iPads because it is flash based.


➡6.99 Notebook App on iTunes.

➡New 800 board series as a steel backboard and four cameras. Allows up to 4 users to use it at once.
➡600 series is a single user board.

➡How does SMART fit into the developing trend of gaming in education? Started collaborating more with other companies to ensure integration.

➡Bridge it - collaboration software to share subject matter across the globe in real time or asynchronously from school or elsewhere anytime your have Internet accesss on a device - iPod, iPhone, cell, laptop, etc.

➡Assessment: educators will use richer, more timely insight on individual and aggregate learning outcomes to continuously improve their students' collaborative learning experience.

➡Is SMART working with Pearson to integrate PowerSchool?
Teacher tools in smart response - customized excel spreadsheet that can be in PowerSchool format.

➡Creates blended, multi-modal learning experiences so that we can more effectively create collaborative learning environments.

➡Supporting more holistic/integrated assessment.

➡Bigger space = more engagement from small groups. Large format interactive display.

➡Mix-mode environments are available for student response. The transition is towards "Bring Your Own Mobile Device". The goal is to work in a Cloud/mobile device environment.

➡The Flippef Classroom Model - student center classrom that uses class time to assess, support, and encourage student learning.

➡The SMART recorder and notebook to create lecture POSTS online.

➡PSI/PMI - online digital content for secondary science and math. All digital content was created in Notebook. New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning based on the social constructivisam model of learning.

➡The Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) is a program designed to support high levels of student achievement in physics, chemistry, and biology and was developed over 10 years by teachers. This program has led to high levels of Advanced Placement (AP) participation and passing rates.

➡Using the same research-based, successful approaches as PSI, the Progressive Mathematics Initiative (PMI) was developed by teachers to support all of K-12 mathematics. Developed first to support the teaching of Algebra, these courses now also lead to AP Calculus.

➡A successful way of getting hgh school students mor engaged in science and math.

➡Ian Fogerty - the Ultimate Classroom in NB- Riverview High School. A secondary teacher who found 250k to fund 6 interactivew whiteboards in his classroom.

➡Activity Builder -- Add On Feature

➡SMART recorder-- Audio recording is also available so that you don't have to purchase a secondary recorder.

➡SMART Notebook Internet browser - embeds website directly into the page in Notebook so that you don't have to leave NOTEBOOK all together. any website can be set and pinned into the page prior to class. Multiple web browsers can be on any one page.

➡Blog about the role of Primary Pad - a collaborative writing tool for classroom with access to multiple computers with Internet access.

➡Resetting pages is now a one key stroke instead of UNDO, UNDO, etc. Reset to the last saved state.

➡VOKI - create your own avatar. SMART board allows you to add a widget that can talk and move in Notebook 11 or be added to websites to support student learning, the flipped classroom, and engage students.

➡Splashtop Streamer APP for iPad

➡Download Smart 11

➡Sarah Acord

Misc. Notes:

8851x Higher End Smartboard
8055 new product

Document Camera
Notebook 11

SMART Exchange - lessons

First year engineering classes are being held at Parklane Cinema with the help of SMART technology.

Notebook viewer allows you t

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