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Monday, December 10, 2012

Classroom Meeting Notes

  • A student mentioned that students are not all taking care of their paperwork.  We need to put more emphasis into picking up after ourselves. 
  • Paperwork is a problem for students near the file folders.
  • Everyone wants their binders on the first shelf
  • Some students really have to squeeze into their seats
  • Cultural differences are well respected in out classroom
  • Maybe we could have an extra desk at the front of the room for the file folders. 
  • The artwork on display looks great and really is wonderful in our classroom
  • At the end of the day, students just want to rush out of the class to get home and leave a big mess around their desks
  • Instruments are being left behind; pencils are on the floor; and bins are not neatly piled on top of chairs
  • As soon as the bell goes, people think they are done and everybody jumps up to leave and the teacher has to yell.
  • People are not doing their jobs!!!
  • We tend to be very disorganized!
  • It was suggested that we spend 5 minutes before the bell rings getting our classroom cleaned up
  • We should have a designated spot got our instruments that don’t fit in our locker
  • Some jobs require more substance because there is not a lot to some jobs!
  • Sometimes you have to help out even if it isn’t your job.
  • Hammad misses his job of turning on or off the projector
  • Tidying up is a great option if you finish your work early!
  • Some jobs need to be eliminated and others created such as “Turn On/Off Computer” should be swapped for “Binder Organizers”
  • There need to be consequences of not cleaning up after yourself.
  • Tweeter job/classroom news