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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Recycling Art Project due May 7th/10

Using recycling or ‘clean’ garbage generated from your own household, create a piece of art that serves a purpose. That purpose may be functional, such as a coaster, or decorative, such as a piece of art to be displayed on the wall. Please remember you are not limited by these ideas and should try to create something unique and original. You cannot use new material in your creation, other than glue, tape or joining materials. You must be able to present your creation to the class with an explanation of the materials used and the function of your creation. Your artwork should be able to fit in a regular-sized grocery bag.
Recycling Art Project Rubric
Due: FRIDAY, May 7, 2010
You can google “recyled art projects for kids” or try these websites to get you started: