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Thursday, June 2, 2011

It is Important to Remain Focused in School Right up Until the End of June

Some of us are having trouble keeping focused when we are in school. It is important to be focused in school even though we are into the last month because we need to get through all of the grade five outcomes. We have 19 days and one and a half hours left of grade five. Mrs. Tulloch showed us all of the curriculum binders and we are determined to get all of the things done before she sends us off to grade six. In Mrs. Tulloch's opinion, she cannot get through all of the outcomes in nine months so it is important to stay focused for the month of June. On Monday and Tuesday from 2:50-3:00 and Wednesday through Friday from 2:20-2:30 Mrs. Tulloch is willing to give us 10 minutes of free time if we work solidly and get through all of our work.