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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Adventure on McNab's Island

     Yesterday our day began with a long hike to DeWolfe Park but the fun started once we boarded Murphy's Whale Watching Boat for our adventure on McNab's Island.  The boat was nice and heated below but the winds were howling on the deck above.  The boat picked us up in Bedford so we were able to travel under both bridges and many people tried to jump up to touch the bridges because they felt so close although we were actually far below.
     Once we arrived at Garrison Pier we disembarked the boat, joined our group, and set off for the morning.  Mr. Oliver's group got lost on the island and ended up in Timmon's Cove which was very close to Eastern Passage.  Mr. Arora's group was supposed to have lunch at the Tea House but also got lost so ended up eating lunch in the middle of 'nowhere'.  Mrs. Bonin's group found a snake and took a video of Katherine holding it.  Mrs. Tulloch's group stopped at the Lynch on their hike to Fort Ives.  Mrs. Metherall's group saw a deer at the Lynch house.  After lunch Mrs. Donovan's group played King Arthur at the Tea House.
     At 2:00 we re-embarked the boat and headed back to Bedford, with waves crashing the bow of the boat.  Many people enjoyed being splashed along the return boat ride.  The fun ended with the long walk uphill back to school.  Thankfully, Mrs. Metherall offered a personalized shuttle service and some people were rescused along the long, uphill walk.  The trip to McNab's Island was FANTASTIC and we look forward to our next adventure!