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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why Should You Care About Electrical Safety

Can you list the ways you use electricity?  If you started your list, you might be writing for a long time!  Electricity powers our lights and keeps us warm.  It runs washing machines, computers, televisions, and a thousand other things.  Electricity is not simply helpful -- it is one of the most useful forms of energy you'll study.

Every year thousands of people are killed or injured from contact with electricity.  Some of these people are kids just like you.  The more you know about how electricity works, the beter you can keep yourself, your riends, and your family safe!

 Electricity, as with other forms of energy, has safety rules.  Here are some important general rules to follow when you work with electricity.  Here are a few:
  • Always PLAY IT SAFE; stay away from powerlines.
  • Overhead wires enter houses and buildings at places called service drops.  Service drops are not insulated but are covered with a weatherprooding material.  This material may become brittle and fall off.  It is important not to touch wires at service drops or any outside powerline for that matter.
  • Since electricity is almost everywhere you are, you need to learn how to be safe all the time. Whether you're at home or at school, it's important to be extremely careful around electricity.
  • Disconnect appliances by tugging on the plug, rather than the cord.
  • Appliances plugged into an outlet, even when turned off, still have a tiny bit of electricity coming into them. Follow basic common sense safety rules when using appliances.
  • Keep fingers and objects away from plugs.
  • Avoid touching metal parts of a plug when connecting an appliance.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from water.
  • Keep electrical appliances like hair dryers and radios away from showers, sinks, and bathtubs. 
  • Remember that when you're wet, your body makes a good conductor for electricity.  Make sure your hands are totally dry before you handle electrical appliances. 
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