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Friday, June 15, 2012

Final Reminders for Bayside Camp

June 15, 2012

Dear Grade Six Parents,

As a reminder for all students participating in the grade six trip to Bayside Camp on Monday, June 18, 2012:

1. Please leave all electronics, including cell phones and ipods at home. In case of emergency and you need to contact a student, please contact Mrs. Tulloch at 229-7377 or Bayside Camp at (902) 868-2267.

2. All students must have a packed lunch for Monday. No food will be available to purchase.

3. Students should not over pack. Camp supplies should fit into one bag as we have limited space on the bus.

4. Parent volunteers are asked to bring their own vehicles or carpool if possible as we have very limited space on the bus. Some space will be available in Mrs. Tulloch`s vehicle.

5. Any questions or concerns that need to be addressed over the week-end, please call Mrs. Tulloch at 229-7377or e-mail

6. Please make sure your student arrives promptly for the bell on Monday morning.

7. Parents will be responsible for picking up any students who do not follow camp rules and or School Code of Conduct.

8. Students who do not arrive with appropriate gear will not be permitted on the trip.

9. Snacks will be provided, however, if students feel the need to bring snacks, they may. Students will not be able to eat on the bus and should not keep open food items in the bus.

10. Students who get motion sick should ask to sit at the front of the bus or take Gravol before they come to school.

Mrs. Bonin, Mrs.Donovan & Mrs. Tulloch