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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Have a Successful Year in 6 Tulloch

1. Be respectful to all your classmates and Mrs. Tulloch. Always treat others the way that you want to be treated in 6Tulloch. Good behaviour pays off for everyone!

2. Work hard and try your best. Don’t be lazy and don’t take short cuts to get your work done. Do it right the first time.

3. You will need to practice your writing because you will do a LOT of it this year.

4. At Christmas time, buy Mrs. Tulloch Starbucks cards (caffeine in a card) and chocolate.

5. Do not be afraid to correct Mrs. Tulloch. She makes mistakes and is wrong a lot but she’s not afraid to admit to her mistakes.

6. Always be ready for a new project. You never know what is coming next… there are learning opportunities around every corner.

7. Respect the volume in our classroom and control your blurt-outs.

8. Stay dedicated and commit to your work. Every little thing you do in the classroom is part of your learning and shows up somewhere on your report card.

9. Don’t be afraid to pitch new ideas. Nobody is wrong on their opinions. Little ideas can get us far, as can be seen with the STEM NS Project.

10. Don’t tick the teacher off. You may get sent to the office if you do.

11. Be patient. If there is a time when you have to wait, make good use of your time – read a book, complete unfinished work, or write in your writer’s notebook.

12. Get used to the smell of coffee and the sound of Mrs. Tulloch’s coffee maker. Mrs. Tulloch loves her lattes.

13. When switching between subjects, don’t be noisy. Have quiet and quick transitions.

14. Nobody is perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and accept the mistakes of others.

15. There are no problems, only SOLUTIONS!

16. Don’t be afraid to try new things that are outside of your comfort level.

17. Respect the fact that there is one teacher and many students. Sometimes she needs some “me” time.